Larry was born and raised in Glendale, California. After a decorated tour of duty
in the U.S. Army, he joined the City of Glendale Fire Department. The schedule
allowed him to complete his education and pursue a career in business. After
successful real estate and business investments, he moved to Malibu, CA which
has been his home for almost thirty years.

He now has over fifteen years of executive management experience as a corporate
turnaround specialist for consumer products, financial, manufacturing, and non-
tangible industries. During his corporate career, he held positions of Partner,
Vice President, and CEO.

Larry's network of relationships with Major Food, Beverage, and HBC Consumer
Products Companies, Big 5 CPA firms, CFO's, Controllers, Presidents,
Vice Presidents, etc have been long standing. This network allows him the ability
to facilitate his recruitment needs.


Laurie joined the corporate world immediately after graduating from U. C. L. A.
For seven years she was the West Coast Regional Manager for a major cosmetics
company representing Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Her business and recruiting
success in that industry became widely recognized and Laurie herself was recruited
by one of the Top Echelon Executive Search Firms.

With years of exposure in the recruiting industry and her networking capabilities, she
had developed many entertainment, high-tech, and consumer product candidates in
addition to marketing candidates. After successfully building a solid client and
candidate base, she joined her husband and started Weitz & Associates.

As a graduate of UCLA, Laurie has access to the Alumni Career Database as well as
close contact with professors and the administration. Over the years, she has
developed an extensive database of highly qualified candidates and fortune clients.